The future of the next generation is being decided now.

The topics of climate protection and ecological sustainability have become an indispensable part of the public debate. Many have realized that the way we live and do business has to change significantly in order to be able to offer future generations the same opportunities.

The financial industry plays a vital role in this. Terms such as “green” and “responsible” investments have long dominated the discourse in the financial sector. However, public social infrastructure in particular continues to be disregarded in the dispute over ensuring equal opportunities for the generations to come.

The sooner we rethink and act, the more likely we will be able to successfully contribute to the much needed social and ecological transformation.

Our objective is to ensure that selected real estate properties that have a significant direct or indirect social or ecological “added value” can be invested in by professional financial market players. With our investments and the active management of properties of particular social relevance, we are now taking responsibility for future generations.

It is a crucial time to rethink and make changes.

What makes us successful

Holistic approach

We approach the topic of effective investing holistically. In this way, we ensure that we do not leave any burdens behind for future generations in addition to a positive social impact.

Know-how and network

We combine many years of experience with a well-connected and trustworthy network. This enables us to configure a unique project portfolio for our professional investors.

Individuality and closeness

We rely on an efficient and highly specialized team of employees. Regular personal exchange with our investors and partners in active stakeholder management is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

Digital infrastructure

We work with a future-proof digital infrastructure and high data quality. This helps us to design our processes efficiently and to optimise them continuously.


Which values determine our actions

Taking responsibility

Our top priorities are social responsibility and treating people and the environment with respect. The conviction that we want to create added value for society is our highest guiding principle.

We are 100% reliable

We are convinced of what we do. And we keep what we promise. We approach our investors, partners and service providers with maximum reliability at all times.

Mutual appreciation

We are committed to respectful relationships at eye level and a mindful approach to our counterparts.

Thinking long-term

We maintain trusting and long-term partnerships and believe in the power of continuity.

Mastering new challenges

We strive to continuously develop and always look for innovative solutions.

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