Student housing near the campus -
Die Drei Geschwister, Herford

The lack of affordable housing for lower-income households such as students is one of the major obstacles to equal access to education. The investment property “Drei Geschwister” in Herford addresses the growing need for living space for students at the University of Finance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia on the one hand and enables the “revitalization” of areas and living spaces in the sense of a future-oriented district development on the other.

The building complex consists of three separate building segments and provides much-needed residential space to university students at no cost.

Ecological building standards played a special role in the renovation and partially new construction of former barracks buildings at the Herford site.

Thus, flat roofs were provided with greened roofs and photovoltaic systems, and an energy supply was ensured through environmentally friendly district heating. At the same time, we make a valuable contribution to biodiversity by implementing targeted measures (including nesting places for bats on the buildings as well as a sustainable facility management).

Invest in equal opportunities in education and future-oriented ecological construction. For the benefit of future generations and our environment.

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