Learning where others play -
Offene Schule Köln (OSK)

The promotion and education of future generations is the most fundamental investment in our future. However, even in a highly developed country like Germany, access to high-quality educational opportunities that are specifically geared towards the individual needs of children is not a matter of course.

The “Offene Schule” in Cologne (Open School Cologne, short: OSK) makes an enormously valuable contribution here. As an inclusive elementary and comprehensive school, children and young people with special educational needs are taught based on a highly individualized learning concept geared towards their abilities that will adequately prepare them for the future.

At the same time, the social contribution model ensures access for students from all social backgrounds.

In addition to a needs-based room architecture, the building is characterized by its ecological construction. Customary market standards are clearly exceeded and qualify the property as particularly sustainable.

We think this is an investment that should be replicated as it constitutes an investment in the future of our society - regardless of skills and origin.

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