We act out of
personal conviction

Hannah Hni Knoop

As our common future depends on sustainable action, it is of great importance to me to make my contribution and take on social responsibility. I am therefore delighted that my work at NEXT Generation Invest enables me to support value-based forms of organization in a professional context and to integrate sustainable principles into my actions.

Hannah Hni Knoop,
Impact Trainee


Thanks to my knowledge acquired during my bachelor´s degree and my experience as a founding member of an association with a focus on sustainability and education, NEXT Generation Invest is the perfect opportunity to combine my knowledge with my passion for social responsibility and sustainability.

My studies in "Business Psychology" gave me a broad understanding of business processes and psychological backgrounds. Alongside my studies I was actively involved in environmental protection and education for people from disadvantages backgrounds. Here I was able to gain knowledge on how to effectively manage resources, build partnerships and successfully implement social initiatives.

The synergy between my expertise in business psychology and my commitment to sustainability enables me to support the goals of NEXT Generation Invest to be both economically profitable and environmentally and socially sustainable.

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