Affordable housing for joint living - Hausener Weg, Frankfurt am Main

The need for affordable housing has never been greater than it is today. With the „Hausener Weg 120“ building complex in Frankfurt Rödelheim we can offer over 200 apartments to refugees and young people that are completing an apprenticeship or studying.

With your investment in this object we focus on the creation of affordable housing – especially in Frankfurt a much-discussed topic.

Built in 1990 as an office building, the complex was formerly used by the Max-Planck-Institut. In 2018/19 the renovation and conversion for residential purposes took place. As of today the property offers 7,300 sqm of rental space.

While half of the 200 apartments are used by students and trainees, the Evangelische Verein für Wohnraumhilfe Frankfurt e.V. provides the other half to people with special housing needs (e.g. primarily to refugee families).
A further development of the property according to ecological and social aspects will take place after the acquisition. Among other things, green spaces will be added, high-quality residential areas will be created and a sustainable energy supply will be ensured.

Make an important contribution to safe housing for families and young adults in a peaceful environment with your investment!

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