Our objective is to invest in carefully chosen properties with a measurable impact while ensuring attractive long-term returns. As an impact investor focusing on real estate investments, we concentrate on selected types of use for our properties for which there is an extremely high demand that cannot, or only partially, be covered by public funds from the government.

A holistic approach, which takes not only social criteria into account but also the ecological performance of a property, is just as much a part of our investment strategy as the active management of our assets based on sustainability considerations.

Together, let’s make our society future-proof. Not sometime, but now.

Investment philosophy
Measurably sustainable

Our investments must make a direct and measurable contribution to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have included this principle in our investment prospectus.

Investment focus
Focus on people

We invest in affordable and adequate housing, high-quality education, buildings whose purpose is sustaining and increasing the quality of life as well as other public real estate infrastructure of great public significance.

Deal by deal approach
Authentic and focused

We structure and develop our portfolio depending on available transactions (deal-by-deal approach). New deals are always generated from our long-standing and trusting network.

Active asset management
Personal and transparent

Regular and personal exchange with investors, tenants, and external partners (e.g., facility managers) is integral to our strategy.

Tenant structure
In partnership and on an equal footing

When selecting real estate, we focus on local authorities under public law and non-profit institutions. This way we can be sure that our tenants are aligned with our values and understanding of responsibility for future generations.

Consistently implemented

We are “special AIF” that fully regulated, supervised and managed by an authorized AIFM under Luxembourg law. We are consistently implementing the sustainable finance requirements (SFDR, EU Taxonomy) of the European Union relating to impact-oriented investments.

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